a few words about Julie

Julie FerrinJulie was born and raised in Utah. She grew up hunting, hiking, fishing, exploring and working in every corner of this beautiful state.

A Davis High School graduate, Julie earned her Bachelor’s in Nursing after competing in Volleyball and Basketball at Ricks College. A stay at home mother, a hobby farmer, a high school and college coach, a small business owner and the general manager for an international hotel chain—Julie has seen how intrusive our government has become in every aspect of our lives.

An ardent believer in the Constitution, Julie has been involved in the schools and communities where she has lived. She has voted faithfully for the very people who have promised to institute change. She is not a millionaire and has extremely limited power (which her children and grandchildren can attest to). Actually, Julie is just like the majority of Utah’s population: angry, frustrated and a cynical about the direction our government has taken. History seems to be repeating itself and a return to values and principles that founded this great Nation.

Julie is the mother of 5 Eagle scouts, one daughter and an amazing husband who supports her in her call to action. Julie believes in one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


The further we sink into debt, the weaker our nation becomes. We cannot continue to print money and fund unconstitutional programs. We must shrink the size of our Federal Government.
Julie was not born into wealth and power. She believes the Constitution was written for the common man and that it was inspired of God.

"Our nation seems obsessed with money and power and for some perverse reason that is how we are measuring success."

She believes in the Judeo-Christian principles that founded this great nation. As a voice of THE PEOPLE, she will ardently fight for the families of this great state. As she has watched her nation undergo a fundamental cultural shift, she would like to represent the voice of the people of this state.

key points

Decrease the size & scope
of the Federal Government

We have allowed the unaccountable, unelected, bureaucrats in Washington to steal our liberty and freedoms. The family is the basic unit of society and parents should be making choices about religion, education, health care without federal government involvement in every aspect of the family. The more local we can allow our choices to be, the better choices will be made.

Support our Military
We live in dangerous times

Hill Air Force Base is a necessary and important part of not only Utah’s future, but America’s future as well. The next President will determine how we move forward in the world arena. Congress needs to appropriate the funds to protect our nation.

Return Utah Lands
back to the people of Utah

All BLM lands should be under the jurisdiction of the State of Utah. Period. (U.S Constitution, Article 1.8.17)